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I'm not dead. Though I assume not.

2012-02-26 17:59:57 by LightsideandLegend

Hey guys. I just wanted to throw up a post just for anyone wondering what has happened to Lightside & Legend, considering our small burst of popularity on Newgrounds. We've for one, dropped Lightside & Legend, and started a new project called MAKRO. We have been absolutely smashing it recently and just wanted to give the heads up that we won't most likely be posting any more tunes through NG, unless they are free releases which we do often but recently it's been all business.

Why the change in names? Well, I was getting sick of Lightside & Legend. LS&L was the name I went under while I was learning how to produce. Since I felt I needed a new identity for my new found knowledge I simply went with MAKRO.

Here's my new page.
And here's my new facebook page as well. 287

I've got new stuff coming out. 2 planned releases to hit beatport and iTunes within the next month or so. Stay locked in! I've got some huge things on the way!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you, Makro.

My new producing Alias, and what a better way to start out with monstercat release on Mr. FijiWiji's EP! My remix of Insomnia is there among F-777 and Nuiby.

Go ahead! Buy it! mnia-makro-remix

As well like Makro on facebook! 0375468983287

My new producing Alias!

Giving out a new free tune!

2011-10-23 22:25:08 by LightsideandLegend

Hey fellow audiophiles. I've been working on some new tunes and got a new track that somehow slipped through the production while I've been trying to make an EP. I returned to an old tune and remixed from when I used to go by the name Ephyks. I'll make it available for free to download when I hit 100 likes on my facebook page. It's got a way to go but I know you guys can make it happen. e-Legend/193586464020900?ref=ts

Here is a small clip. /451206

Giving out a new free tune!


2011-09-14 16:04:08 by LightsideandLegend

Hey dubsteppers. Follow us on facebook, youtube, soundcloud and other unimportant social networking sites! e-Legend/193586464020900?ref=ts ndLegend nd

Keep it fresh, keep it proper!